YOUNG POWER "Man of tra"

In the mid-eighties a controversial big band was created by Krzysztof Popek. Named "YOUNG POWER" it very quickly become famous in Europe (notably Norway and Germany) gaining even more publicity then the famous Dutch Willem Breuker Kollektief. Since it's first appearance during Warsaw Jazz Jamboree '86 Festival it underwent four reshuffles (editions), from deliberate on-the-stage pnanking to maurity of interesting achievements of sound and form. The band boasted many brilliant improvisers and virtuosi. The leader himself, an excellent flutist and composer, inspired joyous enthusiasm and there were others: Piotr Wojtasik - top modern - mainstream trumpet, Bronislaw Duzy - trombone poll winner, there's one of the best Polish bassists, also composer Marcin Pospieszalski... Almost everyone in the band is worth mentioning. Young Power's peak years 1989-1990 brought valuable recordings and the change of name to "BOWER BROTHERS". This CD presents six stylistically different pieces, ranging form Indian influences ("Man of Tra") through black soul music to Davis-brand of jazz-rock. There are distinguished guests taking part in this recordings: universally know, U.S. based violinist Michal Urbaniakm the best free trumpet in Europe, Tomasz Stanko, the wonderful blind keyboardist Janusz Skowron and two Americans - guitarist Geof Goodman and sopranist Chris Chilson.

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