In the '70-s, the peak years of Tomasz Stanko, his perfect partners were few, but certainly the Finnish drummer Edward Vesala and Polish tenor-man Tomasz Szukalski belonged to them. Their cooperation brought such important records as ?Balladyna", ?TWET", ?Almost Green", ?Live at Remont" or ?Satu". These three musicians' mutual understanding was almost of a metaphysical quality, necessary to be sure, to play free-jazz. On this disc they are joined by the sensitive and articulate American bassist, Peter Warren. Out in 1976, TWET (supposedly an acronym of musician's initials), is a perfect example of free-jazz attractiveness potential, so seldom truly realizes. But here it materializes, to the sensitive listener's satisfaction. ?Dark Awakening" grips our imagination from the very start with the mysteriously oscillating mood, the sounds of bass clarinet... With the first sounds of trumpet the heterophony of the four instruments fighting for our attention unfolds. In the title piece TWET ostinato basses support the convulsive flights of trumpet but soon bass itself comes to the fore with the series of three-notes motifs (c, c-sharp, d) crowned by a surprising consonance. The most gentle and even tender number, ?Mintuu Maria" starts with tenor-trumpet dialogue that gradually gives way to tenor improvisation after which the trumpet joins again. Strong drumming and bass figures introduce ?Man of the North", giving way after a while to incoherent heterophony of voices leading to frenetic saxophone solo over assertive and faster bass walking. Out of the background to the fore the drums emerge, but the bass figures take over the high above the trumpet's soaring sounds appear. Another contrast brings ?Night Peace": the chimes of steady basses, tiny bell-sounds and prolongated sounds of trumpet bring back sleepy saxophone, and they take rest of calm pulsations of drums and bass.

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