Christopher Komeda composed this composition in 1964.The recording included on this CD was recorded in Jazz Club "Montmarte" in Copenhagen in 1965.In 1967 Christopher Komeda enclosed that composition on the record entitled "Meine Susse Europaische Heimat".That record was made in cooperation with Joachim Berendt in Cologne,Germany.It consisted of poems of Polish poets translated by Karl Dedecius and illustrated by music of Christopher Komeda.
It was 1965.When Svante Forster was sitting among the audience during another Warsaw jazz festival "Jazz Jamboree",he suddenly heard from Andrzej Jaroszewski who was the compere,that the next composition which would be performed by Komeda's group was dedicated to him.It was the first-night perfomance of that composition and Svante Forster was deeply moved.
Sophia's Tune
When Chris was working at that composition I was often repeating him that I liked that composition very much.Finally, though I didn't ask him about it, Chris dedicated that composition to me. "Sophia's Tune" was composed in 1964 but the recording included on this CD was made in Jazz Club "Montmarte" in 1965. Zofia Komeda

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