Roman Two
All compositions included on This CD were performed in "Montmarte" Jazz Club in Copenhagen.Many talented musicians who became famous all over the world more than once had been spotted out there.For exampleArchie Shepp-famous American saxophonist started his career just in "Montmartre".In that period of time Chris Komeda-except his concerts in that club-was composing and recording the music to Danish movie "Kattorna" directed by Henning Carlsen.It was one out of four movies of that director to which Chris Komeda had composed the music. Henning Carlsen used to say about the music which Komeda had composed to his movies-"Komeda's music didn't have the melody at all.It was something just like music "tachisme".Komeda understood that film music it is quite integrated sound and picture.

"All Komeda's compositions are full of poetry and music vanguard interaction".
Joachim E.Berendt

"Komeda was par excellance a film musician because he understood intentions of a director earlier then anybody else,so he was composing film music".
Roman Polanski

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