List of POWER BROS modern recordings

Young Power "Man of tra"
Tomasz Stanko "Bluish"
Volker Greve and Krzysztof Popek Quintet "Places"
New Presentation and Lora Szafran "You've changed"
Guilherme Coimbra "Ipanema rainbow"
Ed Schuller Group "To know where one is"
Krzysztof Barcik "Lovin'You missin'You"
Krzysztof Popek "Letters & leaves"
Piotr Wojtasik "Lonely town"
Piotr Wojtasik "Quest"
          Piotr Wojtasik Quintet "Escape" feat. Tomasz Szukalski
David Friesen & Leszek Mozdzer "Facing the wind"
Jarek Smietana Trio"You never know"
Piotr Baron "Blue rain"
Maciej Sikala "Blue destinations"
          Krzysztof Zawadzki & Frank Gambale "Absolutely live"
Acoustic Quartet  "Exciting Story"
          Walk Away  "Changes" 
Walk Away  "Walking Around"
          Walk Away  " F / X "
Walk Away  "Saturation"
          Walk Away  "Night Life"
International Quintet  " On in "
          Piotr Wojtasik " Hope "  
Groovin' Heads   " Groovin' Heads "  
Joachim Mencel  " Interludium "
Krzysztof Popek  " House of Jade "
          Krzysztof Popek  " You are in my heart "
Krzysztof Popek " Estate "

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