Krzysztof Popek - flutes, Bronislaw Duzy - trombone, Aleksander Korecki - saxes.


The music of the Polish Priest & Big Cork is an intelligent joke. The impossible combinations of instruments, however, provide a unique and contagious experience. All three musicians studied at the Warsaw MusicConservatory, and play in symphony orchestras and punk groups alike, in addition to this jazz trio. 

Their interpretation of music is not so deadly serious, but more experimental leaving plenty of room for humour. 


Their repertoire ranges from folk song to atonal compositions. With small bells on their belts and ankles, all body movements contribute to their performance, reminiscent of the travelling musician of the Middle Ages.


Each musician is a master of his own instrument. While Krzysztof Popek will unexpectedly play two flutes at the same time the other two can provide surprising improvisations. 

Popek is Poland's "Jazz Musician of the Year".


PRIEST AND BIG CORK got together in 1986, and, for the first time, appeared at the Solo, Duo, Trio Festival in Krakow.In 1987, the group had a number of gigs across Poland and cut its first record, Priest and Big Cork.


The PRIEST AND BIG CORK musicians have many times played West German jazz clubs - Munich, Marburg, Kassel, Leverkusen, Gissen, Duisburg, Krefeld, Luneburg and Hamburg.

 In December 1988 they participated in theazz Festival in Munich, and in June 1989, in the International Jazz Festival in Munster, where they were a tremendous success. In July 1990 they played at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway. "'The group has also performed in Austria (Vienna, Gratz), Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, West Berlin, Hungary (Debrecen Jazz Festival), USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Belgium.


PRIEST AND BIG CORK plays a combination of many styles and types of music - free jazz, rock and roll, punk, blues, marches. The Trio also does swing standards and folk music. One of the attractions of its concerts are percussion instruments attached to the musicians legs, as well as special choreography prepared for some pieces.


Krzysztof Popek endorses PHILIPP HAMMIG  flutes.                                   Questions or comments :
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