Discovering things again after many years is really very useful. Assaulted by fresh and new events and impressions we are losing a clear vision of the bygones that grew dim in our memory. This disc will help you to discover the early but mature years of Krzysztof Komeda /1931-1969/. The time is 1960 and Komeda had behind him some four years of professional jazz playing and striving for perfection mainly as a pianist. It brought obvious results and fortunately some recordings were made than we can enjoy now. A trio, as everybody knows, is a fine vehicle for a virtuoso player, and pianist especially. Jazz trio that is Consider Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett, or Art. Tatum. But then, Komeda was not considered a brilliant technician but rather a reflective and creative painter of moods. Anyway, here we have the audible proof of his technical prowess: crystal-clear runs with each note pronounced distinctly; chordal components perfectly balanced...Yes, Komeda was a pianist no doubt about this and he would become a perfect one, were it not for two ?obstacles": his talent and flair in composition and his tragic, premature death. Komeda partners in these recordings are rhythm-men, bassists and drummers, but bassists in the first place: Adam Skorupka and Roman ?Gucio" Dyląg. In some six pieces Bert Rosengren, the Swedish eminent tenorman joins the Trio. His soli, especially Parker's "An Oscar For a Devil", are memorable. A marvellous chunk of jazz. In the same concert during Jazz Jamboree '61 the brilliant American guitarist also joined the Trio - Jimmy Gourley. And so, we ask ourselves: Is the sound of guitar more suitable for Komeda's moods? - Gourley's guitar with no doubt. Both recorded pieces were refreshing and plain beautiful, though they are different, the first being a ballad, the other a swinger. The Komeda Quintet of 1936-64 is quite a rarity too, mainly because of Tomasz Stanko, that was to gain notoriety as the convincing free-man, plays muted trumpet here with a heartfelt plays tenor saxophone, Janusz Kozlowski - bass and Czeslaw Bartkowski - drums. This combination never happens again, but happily it was recorded.

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