KRZYSZTOF BARCIK "Lovin'You, Missin'You"

Krzysztof Barcik was born and educated in Poland. After rigorous testing and competition designed to eliminate all but the most talented musical students, Krzysztof Barcik was invited to attend the elite Katowice High School of Music and graduated with high honours in 1978. As a result of this preparation, performances, recordings and his natural talents, Mr. Barcik gained admission to the prestigious Academy of Music at Katowice. During his year of entry, only 15 students were accepted into the Department of Jazz, Studio Performance & Music Theory. This University is open to Poland's 35 millions citizens, accepts students from throughout the world and is one of the most widely recognized music institutions of higher learning in Eastern Europe. In 1982 Mr. Barcik graduated from the Academy with Special Honours and the degree Magister Sztuki (equivalent to Master of Arts degree). By 1983, Mr. Barcik had formed the sextet SAS, and written the group numerous original compositions. During that year, the group appeared in television specials, on radio and in public performances throughout Poland. In 1984 Mr. Barcik was invited to perform leading SAS at the National Annual Jazz Festival & Competition in Krakow where he won first prize in both the categories of Musical Composition and Guitar Performance. Additionally, SAS won first prize as Best Band. As a result of the national prominence gained from sweeping all the major awards at the Jazz Festival, Mr. Barcik was inundated with performance and composition offers. From 1985 through 1990 he toured Germany, Holland, Belgium Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia & Sweden. The entertainment agency ENTCO International in America produced a tour of the western U.S. featuring Krzysztof Barcik on guitar. It was during this work that he learned to speak English. He was commissioned to perform lead guitar for various Polish star's recordings resulting in credits on 10 albums, many with global distribution. Simultaneously, Polish radio and television continued to present his new works. At this point, he added state of the art MIDI equipment, guitar synthesisers, sequencers, computers and additional recording equipment to his studio. In 1989, with his mastery of the new digital technology, Mr. Barcik formed the MAXX Group redefining his creative jazz direction and style. The exceptional response to his new music led to the formation of a partnership between him and the National Radio allowing even greater airplay to a growing audience. This culminated in the production of Mr Barcik's first CD - ORIENT EXPRESS. Krzysztof Barcik's work had become recognized in America and caught the attention of the acclaimed New York jazz vocalist Ursula Dudziak, who appears in ORIENT EXPRESS as a guest star. This CD was wholly produced under the direction of Mr. Barcik and affirms his abilities as consummate jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, programmer and businessman. In 1991 European major motion picture studios hired Mr. Barcik to record guitar leads for soundtracks. 1992 provided more movie contracts while he continued creating new original compositions for his next CD. In 1993 Mr. Barcik recorded his first solo guitar soundtrack for major Hollywood studio. Krzysztof Barcik currently resides with his wife Malgorzata, a concert pianist, in Jaworzno, Poland.

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