KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA "Astigmatic in concert"

The composition composed in1965. It was performed for the first time in autumn this same year during Jazz Jamboree Festival.This composition is title composition one of a record which Christopher Komeda recorded in December for the needs of Polskie Nagrania in series Polish Jazz.He recorded it after Jazz Jamboree with enlarged group of musicians-with Zbigniew Namyslowski.The recording included on this CD is first-night perfomance and comes from concert hall. Kattorna This composition was composed in 1965 in Copenhagen.It's light motive from the movie under the same title. Danish movie "Kattorna" directed by Henning Carlsen tells a story about women. Great and famous Ingmar Bergman's actresses acted in that movie. The title "Kattorna" means "Little cats". The recording included on this CD-just like "Astigmatic"-comes from the concert in National Philharmonic Hall and was recorded during JazzJamboree Festival in 1965. Svantetic This composition originates from 1965.The name of this composition comes from the name of Komeda's friend-Swedish critic and jazz activist,poet and journalist Svante Forster.Svante enchanted by Komeda's playing in Warsaw Jazz Club "Hybrydy" in 1961,made him and his group go to Sweden for several concerts.This composition was performed during Jazz Jamboree Festival 1965 for the first time and Svante Forster had an opportunity to listen to it also for the first time. The recording included on this CD isn't that one from Jazz Jamboree, but from "Montmartre" in Copenhagen. Zofia Komeda

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